Exclusive Launch Celebration: MyLegalWin is offering limited new membership pricing and exclusive access for verified attorneys who join as members throughout 2023.


2023 Membership Benefits

8.5" Trophy or Wall Plaque

Showcase your professional excellence and accomplishments in the legal profession with the stunning 2023 MyLegalWin Distinguished Attorney Trophy or Wall Plaque, demonstrating your commitment to excellence to clients and colleagues.

Digital Membership Badges

Enhance your firm's reputation and credibility with exclusive access to the 2023 MyLegalWin Distinguished Attorney badges. Display these badges on your website, printed materials, and marketing collateral to showcase your affiliation and distinction.

Annual Awards Nomination

Gain the opportunity to be recognized and celebrated for your exceptional achievements in the legal profession by participating in the MyLegalWin Annual Awards. As a member, you will have the privilege to nominate yourself or other deserving attorneys for various award categories, showcasing your expertise and successes to a wide audience.

Featured Attorney Profile

Boost your visibility and credibility with a prominently featured attorney profile on MyLegalWin.com. Your profile will include a website link, contact information, and comprehensive practice details, allowing potential clients to connect with you directly.

Press Release Inclusion

Increase your exposure and gain recognition by being featured in our press releases, highlighting our newest members and distinguished attorneys. This provides an opportunity to showcase your expertise and accomplishments to a wider audience.

Weekly Industry Guides

Stay ahead of the curve with MyLegalWin's monthly industry guides and detailed law firm playbooks. These resources will provide valuable insights, industry trends, and best practices to help you elevate your practice and stay competitive in your market.

Marketing Support and Consultation

Assistance and guidance from our marketing experts to help you effectively promote your firm and services, including strategies for online marketing, branding, and lead generation.

Nominations + Membership

MyLegalWin is a professional membership platform that recognizes and promotes accomplished legal professionals. You have been nominated by a colleague, peer, or other industry professional for your outstanding achievements and contributions in your field.

Being nominated for a membership on MyLegalWin means that you have been recognized by your peers as a reputable and accomplished legal professional. You will have the opportunity to join a community of similarly distinguished attorneys and showcase your achievements and expertise on our platform.

As a member of MyLegalWin, you will receive exclusive recognition and promotion of your accomplishments through our digital badges, awards, and trophies. You will also have access to networking and business development opportunities, as well as a platform to showcase your expertise and attract new clients.

To join MyLegalWin, you can accept your nomination by visiting our website and creating a profile. Once your profile is complete, you can purchase a membership and gain access to all of our benefits and opportunities.

Yes, there is a cost associated with becoming a member of MyLegalWin. However, the investment in your professional recognition and promotion is well worth the cost in terms of the benefits and opportunities it will provide you.

We invite nominations from both legal professionals and their clients. To nominate a colleague or someone whom you’ve personally worked with, please visit www.mylegalwin.com/nominate.


Our selection process includes both public nominations through MyLegalWin.com and thorough research by our team to identify attorneys who meet our criteria in each market.

Invited To Join

All nominated attorneys go through a rigorous screening process. Those who meet our criteria are extended an invitation to become a professional member of MyLegalWin.

Honors Issued

Honored attorneys receive digital badging for their website and marketing materials, a featured profile on our website, as well as a physical plaque to display in their office.