Daniel Stark Law’s Historic $41 Million DUI Verdict

In a striking demonstration of legal prowess, Daniel Stark Law recently secured a monumental triumph in a case against a drunk driver and his employer, resulting in a jury verdict of over $41 million in damages.

In a resounding victory for justice, Daniel Stark Law secured a groundbreaking jury verdict, awarding over $41 million in damages to its clients after a tragic incident caused by a drunk driver and his employer. Representing the plaintiffs with unwavering dedication, Jonathan Stark and Christopher Carver of Daniel Stark Law stood tall in the pursuit of justice.

The incident occurred on December 19, 2019, when the intoxicated defendant driver recklessly ignored a stop sign, resulting in a catastrophic collision with the plaintiffs. The jury, recognizing the lifelong injuries and impairments suffered by the married couple, rightfully granted them damages. The defendant driver admitted to being inebriated and blacked out just before the accident, shattering the lives of the innocent plaintiffs who were returning home from work at the time.

The plaintiffs’ injuries were severe, necessitating immediate, life-saving medical interventions. Both individuals underwent extensive medical treatments and required substantial assistance for their daily activities. Their injuries were so profound that they were unable to care for themselves or each other, leading to their separation to ensure proper individual care.

“This verdict sends a clear message to our communities: drunk driving will not be tolerated,” emphasized Jonathan Stark, co-owner of Daniel Stark Law. He highlighted the randomness of such incidents, stressing that anyone could fall victim to an intoxicated driver’s recklessness. The jury’s decision, acknowledging the full extent of the plaintiffs’ losses, reflected the profound impact of this tragedy on their lives.

Daniel Stark Law’s legal team, representing not only their clients but also the entire Limestone County community, expressed deep gratitude to the jury. Their verdict stood as a testament to the community’s united stand against drunk driving and served as a reminder of the immeasurable value of justice.

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