This Recognition Agreement (‘Agreement’) is established between (‘MyLegalWin’) and the awardee (‘Awardee’) and governs the Awardee’s engagement with the Site and Services provided by MyLegalWin. By accepting this award, the Awardee agrees to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement.

Terms of Service Priority: Governed by the latest MyLegalWin Terms of Service, in any discrepancy, the Terms of Service prevail, detailing the Awardee’s engagement with the Site and Services.

Recognition Term: The recognition is valid for one year from the acceptance date, with renewal processes detailed for continuous acknowledgment.

Recognition Fees: MyLegalWin reserves the right to adjust fees annually, reflecting changes in costs or services, with prior notice provided to Awardees for renewal decisions.

Awardee Profile: After submitting required information, Awardees receive a profile on MyLegalWin, with the responsibility to ensure accuracy and updates.

Award Items: Awardees receive selected items like plaques or badges, with MyLegalWin ensuring quality delivery, subject to terms for damaged or lost items.

Use of MyLegalWin Badges: Awardees are granted use of MyLegalWin badges under compliance with applicable laws and the Terms of Service, representing their status truthfully.

Information Removal: Awardees can request information removal without refunds, with MyLegalWin facilitating timely removal within its capabilities.

Access to Services: Awardees gain access to various resources, with MyLegalWin retaining rights to modify or discontinue services.

Termination and Content Policy: MyLegalWin holds the right to terminate or revoke recognition under specified conditions, with Awardees responsible for content compliance on MyLegalWin platforms.